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Can I purchase tickets at the event?

Yes, you can always buy General Admission tickets at the gate. VVIP Area – Party Shack Tickets, WW Ranch Club Ticket, and Racer X All Day Pit Passes are limited and generally sell out in advance. To avoid longer wait times, we recommend purchasing your tickets in advance.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Yes. On Saturday there is $10 Fan Parking fee per vehicle.

What age are the child tickets?

Kids tickets are for ages 6-11.

Do the little ones get in free?

Yes, children age 5 and under get in free.

I am wondering what the VVIP Area - Party Shack Tickets get me? What does it all include?

The VVIP Area – Party Shack Ticket is the best ticket available! It includes admission Thursday – Sunday and premiere VIP Viewing Area overlooking the entire track. Party Shacks will only be open on Saturday and include air-conditioned and roof-top seating, food and drink provided by Bono’s Bar-B-Q, and can hold up to 30 people. Around 15 people can fit inside the lower level air-conditioned area at a time, 15-20 people can fit on the rooftop viewing area and all 30 can fit underneath the lower level awning. This ticket also includes live race broadcast, all day pro pit access Saturday 9am – 5pm, an official fan pack, and private air-conditioned restroom facilities.

I am wondering what the WW Ranch Club! Tickets get me? What does it all include?

The WW Ranch Club! Ticket is valid for admission and includes premier viewing area of the track. The WW Ranch Club will only be open Saturday. This includes an Air-conditioned tent on Saturday with food and drink provided by Bono’s Bar-B-Q and all-day Pro Pit access Saturday 9am-5pm. This ticket package also includes a VIP Parking Pass, Live Race Broadcast, and an Official Fan Pack.

I am wondering what the VIP ticket gets me? What does it all include?

The VIP Ticket is valid for admission Thursday–Sunday and includes a premier viewing area of the start and finish line on Saturday. The VIP will only be open on Saturday; it includes a tent with fans and misters; food and drink will be included by Bono’s Bar-B-Q and an all day Pro Pit access Saturday 9am-5pm. This ticket package also includes a VIP Parking Pass, Live Race Broadcast, and an Official Fan Pack.

What all is included in the fan pack?

The fan pack will be a drawstring bag, an event shirt, event koozie, coupons and other items from our vendors.

 I just purchased 2 Adult and 2 Child Tickets. The tickets I printed are all in my name, does that matter? Should I edit the tickets and type in the contact info and re-print for all attendees?

No. You do not need to change any information on the tickets. All of your tickets will work at the gate and guests do not need to be together to enter. All guests must sign a release form before entering.

Where can I purchase a Pit Pass?

There are two types of Pit Passes available to you: the Racer X Pit Pass and the Early Entry Pro Pit Pass. You can purchase Racer X Pit Passes online in advance, as they generally sell out. Early Entry pit passes are sold online in advance, as well as on-site at the event. Racer X Pit Passes are good for all day Pro Pit access, while Early Entry Pit Passes are only valid on Saturday from 9am until noon. There is limited availability on both types of Pit Passes and they may sell out.

Will the Racer X Pit Pass get me into the event?

Yes it includes admission Friday – Saturday. You must redeem your Racer X Pit Pass at Will Call. You will receive a wristband that is good for gate admission and pro pit access from 9am-5pm on Saturday.

Will the Early Entry Pit Pass get me into the event?

No. You must purchase a General Admission ticket online or at the event for the day you arrive.

I purchased multiple Racer X Pit Passes online. Can I pick them up for family or friends if they’re not with me at the booth?

No. Everyone using a Racer X Pit Pass must be present at Will Call in order to obtain his or her own wristband. A staff member will put on each person’s wristband after a release form has been signed (if the recipient is under 18, Minor Release Form will have to be filled out by an adult).

Are we allowed to bring an ice cooler with food and drinks?

Yes. You are allowed to bring in a cooler and you may bring in alcohol. However, glass bottles are not permitted. Also, alcohol is not permitted in the pro pits.

Can we bring chairs? Can we set up a tent or EZ up?

Yes, you can bring chairs. You can bring a tent but there will be a designated area for tents or EZ-ups as they impede viewing for other fans. We do not allow tents or EZ-ups within 40' of the track fence in order to keep an open view of the track for fans.

Can my dog come to the races?

Dogs are allowed National weekend at the track with CAMPING FANS ONLY. Dogs must stay on a leash Friday and Sunday but must stay at your CAMPER ON SATURDAY. For safety reasons, we do not allow dogs in the pro paddock, Sponsor Village or in fan viewing areas on pro race day Saturday.

My printer broke. Can I use my smart phone to get in?

Yes, but we urge fans to always print out their tickets and bring them to the event. Your phone may not work depending on cellular reception, so always be safe and print ahead of time. FYI: Florida National does not have good cell service.

Pit Passes

Other than the race track, the Pro Pits is where the action is. There are two types of pit passes, Early Entry and Racer X All Day. Early Entry Pit Passes grant access to the Pro Pits from 9 am until 12 pm noon. Racer X All Day Pit Passes grant access to the Pro Pits all day and will be available for purchase in advance and on-site at the Racer X Booth on Vendor Row the day of the event.

Any other questions or needs can be directed to [email protected]

Handicap or Special Needs requests can be directed to [email protected]

Pro Pit Rules

  • Alcohol is PROHIBITED in the Pro Pits.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult pass-holder.
  • You may not access the track at any time.
  • There will be scheduled autograph sessions at various team rigs. Autographs are only available as scheduled. Autographs are not guaranteed. Purchase of a Pit Pass does not guarantee that you will obtain a pro autograph.
  • Anyone removing or taking an item from a team rig or pit area without permission will be prosecuted.
  • Entry to the Pro Pits is at your own risk. You are responsible for your own safety.