Recap: 2020 Loretta Lynn's National Amateur Day

Thursday, August 20, 2020 | 4:25 PM

2020 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Days Report
Amateur MX Days Kicked Off in Tennessee

The 2020 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Day, held in conjunction with the Circle K Loretta Lynn's National, Round 1 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, took place on Sunday, August 16, at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, with awards given in 27 classes. The race provided some of the fastest amateurs in the country an opportunity to compete on the same course as the top professionals in the world, and the Loretta Lynn's course featured some amazing racing.

Thanks to the Race Leadership Team's (RLT) 2020 COVID Mitigation Health Plan, the event was a huge success, with racers and teams taking appropriate actions to guard against the threat of COVID-19, while offering up some of the best racing of the year.

After some impressive finishes in the 250 B and Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C classes at the 2020 AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship just two weeks prior, Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM’s Nate Thrasher dominated the A classes on Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Day, sweeping the 250 A and Open A classes.

Nate Thrasher dominated the A classes, going 1-1 in both the 250 and Open A divisions.
Nate Thrasher dominated the A classes, going 1-1 in both the 250 and Open A divisions. Debbie Pingel

In the 250 A class, Thrasher’s 1-1 performance topped the 2-3 moto tally of runner-up finisher Daniel Netti (Yamaha), and the 4-3 of third-place finisher Justin Sipes (KTM).

In the Open A division, Thrasher swept both motos ahead of the 2-2 finish of Adam Cranford (Kawasaki) and the 4-3 of Logan Parks (Honda).

“It feels good to move up into the A classes and win right away,” said Thrasher. “I got good starts in the 250 class, but I was riding my 250 in the Open class, so I had to work my way up in the two Open motos, but I was able to get it done. This is a confidence booster, for sure, moving forward.”

Mirroring Thrasher’s success in the A class was KTM Orange Brigade's Cayden Braswell, who dominated the B classes, going 1-1 to win the Open B class and 1-1 to win the 250 B division.

KTM’s Jesse Burkeen went 3-2 to finish second in the Open B class, while Yamaha’s Collin Gosnell turned in a 4-3 moto tally to finish third overall.

Dakota McKary was 5th in the Open B class.
Dakota McKary was 5th in the Open B class. Debbie Pingel

In the 250 B division, James Runyan went 2-2 to claim the runner-up spot behind Brasnell, with Jesse Burkeen going 5-3 for third.

One of the most competitive classes of the day was the Supermini class, which was won by Mississippi’s Landon Powers, who went 1-2 in the two motos to claim the overall win on a Husqvarna. KTM’s Landon Gibson won the second moto from Powers, but a third in moto one dropped the Georgian to second overall.

Third overall in the Supermini division went to Clayton Stockstill, who turned in a 2-3 moto finish on a KTM.

Texan Thor Powell took top honors in the 85cc (10-14) division, finishing 1-1 in the two motos to beat out Landon Gibson’s 3-2 and fellow KTM rider Christian Wallace’s 5-4.

One of the biggest and most competitive classes was the 125cc B/C class, where local boy James Runyan won his heat race and won the final moto to take the overall win. Mason Naecher was second on a KTM, while Case Burton brought his Husqvarna home in third.

Justin Sipes finished third in the 250 A division.
Justin Sipes finished third in the 250 A division. Debbie Pingel

In the Senior divisions, KTM-mounted David Weis topped the 40+ B/C division, going 1-2 to beat out Husqvarna-mounted Jean Cabello (3-1) and Yamaha’s Alan Bonamo (2-4). Kentucky’s Ronnie Ford went 1-1 to sweep the 40+ A class, beating out Toby Kimbro’s 2-2 and fellow KTM rider Chris Swaney’s 4-3.

KTM-mounted Shelby Rolen took the overall win in the 30+ class with a third and a second, while Honda-mounted Jon Cone used a first and a sixth for the runner-up finish. Jesse Cabello (Husqvarna) went 4-4 for third overall. 

2020 Loretta Lynn's Amateur Motocross Results:

The Loretta Lynn's II National has been scheduled to replace the Washougal National, which was cancelled due to regulatory concerns. Despite that, the amateur program at Washougal will go on as scheduled. Moreover, there will not be an amateur program at Loretta Lynn's II National.