Ferrandis Joins Phoenix Racing Honda for 2024 and Beyond

Saturday, November 25, 2023 | 1:00 PM


Phoenix Racing is proud to announce the signing of their first premier class 450 racer and the addition of a new racing management partnership to take on this task. For 2024 and beyond, Phoenix Racing and Factory Connection will tackle this new 450 Class project to take on the AMA Monster Energy Supercross, AMA Pro Motocross, and the SuperMotocross World Championship. David Eller (Phoenix) and Rick “Ziggy” Zielfelder (Factory Connection) have come together to best combine the resources and current partnerships of Phoenix Racing, along with the development knowledge and championship experience (12 AMA Championships) previously found by the staff of Factory Connection. Together, they have made key strategic investments and staff hirings, alongside their continued support by Honda Powersports, in preparation to take on the highest level of competition the sport has to offer in 2024.

Their sole focus in the 450 class is set to be 29-year-old Dylan Ferrandis. After nearly seven years and four championships, the Avignon, France native is set for his first team change since he started his American journey and will line up at Anaheim 1 aboard a Honda CRF450R. The bike is one that Ferrandis sought after this off-season and with the help of Eller and Zielfelder, Ferrandis will be flanked by a staff that believes in his abilities and share a similar mindset. The goal is to take Ferrandis to a new level in 450 Supercross competition while reminding many that he was the 2021 450 Class AMA Pro Motocross Champion for a reason.

Ferrandis will be the sole focus of Phoenix Racing's 450 Class effort.
Ferrandis will be the sole focus of Phoenix Racing's 450 Class effort. Phoenix Racing

David Eller, Team Owner, Phoenix Racing:
“This whole thing really began with Jimmy Button calling about Dylan’s passion to get on a Honda, that’s when the process started of how do we collaborate and make it happen. With Ziggy becoming a big part of getting Dylan comfortable towards the end of Pro Motocross and Dylan finding confidence in him, it just became natural we would partner with Factory Connection beyond just the suspension duties. I really feel that together we can create the program that will help Dylan succeed. The biggest excitement for me is that this gives Phoenix Racing the opportunity to be highly competitive in the premier series of our sport.

"My biggest surprise so far has been Dylan himself. We all know what he’s capable of on the bike but off the bike, he’s been very relaxed and has been a lot of fun to work with. He’s cutting up with our team and seems to have found a home with us.”

Dylan Ferrandis:
“I’ve always wanted to race a Honda and Phoenix Racing has given me the opportunity to do so. David Eller has been super nice with my situation and working towards building a program that will work for me. This includes working with Factory Connection, which is something that was very important for me in 2024.

"So far everything has been really great and the feeling on the bike is exactly what I was looking for. Having Ziggy around, with all his experience in the sport, I really feel at home with him and the whole Phoenix Racing team. The vibe is awesome and I’m very thankful to be in this situation”

Rick Zielfelder, Owner, Factory Connection:
“Dylan’s situation reminds me so much of LaRocco at the end of 1997 (the beginning of the Factory Connection Racing). Racing isn’t easy and it doesn’t always go as planned, we all have family and friends to lean on in hard times, but in Dylan’s case...he’s in a foreign country without the friends and family most of us are accustomed to. While attempting to help Dylan for 2024, the conversations began with David Eller and the situation just felt right to me. Everyone is very welcoming and eager to make this work.”

Brandon Wilson, Experiential Marketing Manager, American Honda:
“We are incredibly excited to have Dylan on a Honda and to have Ziggy and Factory Connection officially back in the Honda family. To have Phoenix Racing bring a champion of Dylan’s caliber to the team while also partnering with Ziggy and the Factory Connection group shows their commitment to compete at the highest level in our sport. Phoenix Racing has already done a fantastic job in the other disciplines they compete in and now with this increased effort in SX and MX 2024 is going to be even more exciting. We are all looking forward to the 2024 season.”