FMF Racing Continues Unprecedented Support of Pro Motocross

Thursday, April 18, 2024 | 3:25 PM

MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc., has announced the return of FMF Racing as the “Official Exhaust” of the Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing. The pioneering Southern California company has been an ardent supporter of the world’s most prestigious off-road motorcycle racing series for more than 30 years and this summer it will celebrate a milestone through its “FMF Privateer Power Award” initiative, which will continue to put the spotlight on the sport’s unsung heroes for a 10th season.

“As a homegrown, family run business, our roots are interwoven into the legacy of Pro Motocross and thanks to the interpersonal connections we all share with the series, our commitment to supporting the championship will never waver,” said Donny Emler Jr., FMF Racing Marketing/Apparel Director. “FMF’s own evolution coincides with the growth of American motocross over the past five decades, which has allowed our business and products to become a staple of the industry on the global scale.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the loyalty of our hundreds of thousands of passionate customers, many of whom comprise the privateer field at each National. The FMF Privateer Power Award has served as our avenue to celebrate these individuals and every other underdog racer, so it’s incredibly meaningful for that initiative to reach such a significant milestone this summer.”

The Privateer Power Award is the cornerstone of FMF’s support of Pro Motocross, bringing invaluable attention to the very racers that serve as the lifeblood of American motocross. Following each event on the 11-round schedule, FMF will recognize the longshot athlete who defied the odds and exceeded expectations through a standout performance deserving of celebration. As a company founded on unrelenting passion and determination, these memorable privateer efforts embody the very essence of what FMF Racing has always stood for.

Last season Ty Masterpool's breakout campaign made him a Privateer Power hero, winning the award multiple times over the course of the summer.
Last season Ty Masterpool's breakout campaign made him a Privateer Power hero, winning the award multiple times over the course of the summer. MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.

FMF Racing, which stands for “Flying Machine Factory,” was founded in 1973 by Don Emler Sr., a racer and tinkerer constantly in search of more speed, because going faster meant having more fun. Emler’s fondness for the mechanical aspects of motocross led him to his pursuit of “flying machines,” where his curiosity and devotion resulted in the first high-performance aftermarket exhaust systems in the sport. For more than 50 years FMF has continued to push forward and never wavered in its purpose, and its world-renowned exhausts are used by the sport’s fastest teams and riders across the globe.

“We’re grateful for the incredible partnership and unprecedented support FMF Racing has provided MX Sports Pro Racing since we were granted management rights to the Pro Motocross Championship ahead of the 2009 season,” said Davey Coombs, President, MX Sports Pro Racing. “Their commitment to American motocross far surpasses our involvement and has allowed FMF to become synonymous with this storied championship. The brand ascended alongside the sport’s emergence out of Southern California and synchronized with the first wave of U.S. born superstars, which charted a path to become one of the industry’s most decorated and influential businesses. They’ve successfully leveraged that reputation to bring well-deserved attention to privateers for the past decade, further cementing FMF’s iconic status.”

The 2024 Pro Motocross Championship is the centerpiece of the SuperMotocross World Championship, with an 11-round summer schedule that will visit 10 different states from late May through the end of August. The season will kick off on Memorial Day Weekend in Southern California with the Fox Raceway National on Saturday, May 25, from Fox Raceway at Pala.