Bob The Cooler Co. Set to Sponsor RedBud National

Thursday, June 13, 2024 | 10:45 AM

There’s no denying it can get hot during July in Michigan, with humidity the locals call “Air that you wear.” The yearly pilgrimage to the RedBud National produces a sea of RVs, campers, pickup trucks, tents, and autos spread across RedBud’s vast grounds. And you can bet there’s an equal number of ice-filled coolers on hand at each and every one of those camping and parking spots, ensuring food and beverages are cool and at-the-ready.

Keeping that visual in mind, RedBud is pleased to announce upstart Bob The Cooler Co., a premium cooler, drinkware, and accessories company based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, as the new title sponsor of the RedBud National on July 6–Round 6 of the 2024 Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing.

Billed as “Not just a product – it’s a companion,” BOB’s frontman, former motorsports director for Rockstar Energy, Jordan Cochrum, agrees that there’ll be an immediate synergy with the RedBud fans in attendance. Bob The Cooler Co.’s reliable products are built for convenience and to “Keep you cool in the most epic moments of your life,” which, to the legions of RedBud faithful, comes each and every year on 4th of July weekend.

“We’ve been in the action sports biz for, like, forever,” said Cochrum. “And seriously, our gear will keep you chillin’ through life’s hottest moments. And in July… in Michigan…it doesn’t get any hotter than the gate dropping on the Bob The Cooler Co. RedBud National. Ask for us by name at your local powersports dealer.”

Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Jason Anderson is a Bob The Cooler Co. athlete.
Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Jason Anderson is a Bob The Cooler Co. athlete. Bob The Cooler Co.

BOB’s the silent backdrop to laughter, stories, and cheers at gatherings for all walks of life and adventures. And for moto fans, Bob The Cooler Co. products are also an excellent starting/sticking point for all those free decals collected from the RedBud midway and pro pits.   Picture this…cool drinks and heritage, marked by motocross stickers from the years and decades at the RedBud National with your BOB “companion” cooler.

“We’ve checked out the BOB cooler products, and I’ve sent some out with our equipment operators and crew–all coming back at the end of a long work day prepping for the National with ‘Can I keep this?’ reviews,” said RedBud’s Tim Ritchie. “You always look for the right synergy with your sponsors. And with Bob The Cooler Co., I’ll tell you right now, these deals are going to be an instant hit with the RedBud crowd.”

Be sure and check out the "Bob’s Cool Zone” at RedBud, along with Nasty Beast Hard Tea from Monster Brewing Co., supporting the Fan Zone, ensuring a refreshing VIP experience with adult beverages. This partnership aligns with Bob The Cooler Co.’s commitment to providing high-quality, enjoyable and "chill" experiences to fans at RedBud.