Alex Martin Embarks on Career Finale at Fox Raceway

Thursday, September 1, 2022 | 4:00 PM

Look at that face! This was taken before the 2022 season got started and you can see the hope and desire of any racer that is just starting his first season on the 450. 

What followed was a season of highs and lows but as we get into the last round at Pala, it is clearly a season of success. Alex won the rookie of the year title in Supercross and has achieved his goals of some top ten finishes in motocross. More importantly, he is finishing what he started. With the exception of an injured shoulder last weekend at Ironman, he has competed at the top level at every round. 

Please take the time to thank him for an amazing career over the past thirteen years. Alex is a great ambassador for the sport and well-liked by everyone .. something rare in any form of competitive sports. Alex is the focal point of this report to emphasize his impact on the sport and on our team. He brought a high level of credibility and knowledge to our program and we will always be grateful. What comes after this weekend? I am sure a well deserved break and then back to Minnesota. He loaded up the U-Haul and moved from ClubMX last week and now he will make the trek back to his roots. Hopefully he will take us up on our offers to continue helping in some capacity here at ClubMX, but whatever he chooses to do, we will support him. Congratulations to Alex Martin – you have earned it! 

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