Road 2 Recovery Launches Brian Barnes Moto Museum Collection Auction

Saturday, May 27, 2023 | 3:45 PM


Road 2 Recovery (R2R), the official charity of the Pro Motocross Championship, is thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated Brian Barnes' Moto Museum Collection Auction kicks off in conjunction with the opening round of the 2023 Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing, the KTM Fox Raceway National. This unprecedented two-part auction is set to make history with more than 340 exceptional and exclusive items up for grabs, ranging from race-worn and autographed jerseys of once-in-a-lifetime significance to a few "buy it now" pieces for the casual fan or novice collector. The scale of this auction is unparalleled, thanks to the exceptional generosity of Brian Barnes, the legendary former public address announcer for Washougal MX Park, who has graciously donated his entire Moto Museum Collection in support R2R's mission to contribute to the betterment of the motocross community.

The Brian Barnes Moto Museum Collection represents the single-largest memorabilia donation to Road 2 Recovery in the non-profit’s history, which will make these auctions groundbreaking events. Due to the sheer magnitude of the items available, the inventory is divided into two online auctions, both available exclusively on The first Auction begins May 27 and will run for seven days. The second will launch on Saturday, July 22, coinciding with the Washougal National, and will feature items of historic significance linked to the iconic racetrack.

Left: David Bailey Raceworn Autographed 1983 Season Winning Jersey
Right: Rick Johnson 1983 Autographed Raceworn JT Racing Jersey

Left: Jeff Ward 1982 Autographed Raceworn Kawasaki Jersey
Right: Broc Glover 1981 Autographed Raceworn JT Racing Yamaha Jersey

Left: Jeff Stanton 1989 Autographed Camel Supercross Jersey
Right: Johnny O'Mara 1990 Autographed Raceworn Answer Jersey

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Barnes, who has become one of the industry’s most beloved figures over the past 40 years, is the benefactor behind this momentous donation and auction. His profound contributions to the sport as an event presenter, announcer, and assistant to the Washougal owners have left an indelible mark on American motocross.

"I would like to thank all of the individuals and riders who contributed to this collection over the years. The memories associated with them helped me enjoy a dream career," said Barnes. "These auctioned items will assist injured riders in need and there’s no one better to make sure they receive the support they deserve than Road 2 Recovery. Please give generously. Thank you to all the amazing and selfless members our industry and our incredibly loyal fans who are always willing to lend their support to a worthwhile cause.”

In honor of Brian's contributions and the provenance of this exceptional collection, Road 2 Recovery is creating a digital museum showcasing his collection. This virtual showcase will launch on starting Tuesday, May 30. Each item in the collection will be digitally displayed with detailed historical significance. For the first time, fans can view the collection online, learn about Brian's enduring passion for the sport, and delve into the rich history of each piece in this remarkable collection.

Road 2 Recovery expresses its deep gratitude for Brian’s astonishingly generous donation. This unprecedented contribution will significantly impact the support provided to injured athletes.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of motocross history. To review all the items and place your bids, go to It's more than just an auction; it's a chance to be part of the legacy!