ClubMX Announces Addition of Mark Fineis to 2024 Lineup

Friday, November 3, 2023 | 1:00 PM


In late breaking news, Mark Fineis has signed his first pro contract with the Muc-Off / FXR / ClubMX race team. The contract will start off with his participation in the Supercross Futures program and graduate right into the AMA Pro Motocross series in May next year. After some lengthy test sessions, the eighteen-year-old is excited to make the move to the Yamaha YZ250F and has already shown promise on the new platform. 

Fineis started racing in the Go-Kart world at the early age of four and even at that young age, loved the speed and excitement of the sport. At age nine, he threw a leg over a 50cc dirt bike, and was hooked. The Indiana native raced all over the Midwest region finding great success along the way. He won local and regional championships and then really started making a name for himself when he transitioned to big bikes. In 2019 he signed on to the Orange Brigade program as an 85cc rider and stayed with them until the season ended in 2023. Along the way, he won championships at all the major events like: Ponca, Freestone, Baja and Spring A Ding. He backed those up with a string of podium performances at the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National event held annually in Tennessee. One of his proudest achievements is his Bronze Boot Award presented to the racer amassing the most points over a series of years at Mini O’s in Gatorback, Florida.

Fineis said, “The opportunity to race for a team like ClubMX is something that I have always dreamed of. I have watched the way they operate over the years I have been training there and love the fact that I will be held accountable.” 

This glimpse into the hard work and consistency required to be a pro racer did not go unnoticed. Fineis has been training on and off at the ClubMX Training Facility since 2016 and then decided to make the move to full time in 2022. He wanted the best preparation possible prior to attending the inaugural Moto Scouting Combine and immersing himself into the rigorous ClubMX program was the right choice. Knowing that Supercross was a necessity to be on any pro team, Fineis was aware of what ClubMX had to offer in that category and soon started training for the Supercross Futures program. His hard work paid off as he finished on the podium in second place at the finale in Salt Lake City this year. 

Team owner Brandon Haas said, “Mark is one of those kids that we have always kept an eye on. He was on a great program, and we would always support his obligations to help him become a very talented rider. When he became available, we knew he would be a perfect fit for our program to show racers moving from the amateur ranks to the professional ranks.” 

Fineis has been training full time on the newly constructed pro Supercross tracks at the ClubMX facility and is finding the challenge rewarding. He has his sights set on being the 2024 Futures champion and then into the full outdoor series.