Industry Filming


Industry Filming is intended to extend a courtesy to parties that do not qualify for media access at the Pro Motocross Championship. More specifically, Industry Filming provides an opportunity for non-series sponsors, riders, teams, and other affiliates to obtain access to acquire footage of the events with the expressed written approval of MX Sports Pro Racing.

Obtaining Industry Filming approval provides the following:

  • Permission to film at rounds of the Pro Motocross Championship.
  • Permission to develop and publish produced videos utilizing acquired event footage with the consent of MX Sports Pro Racing.

Industry Filming access is limited to the paddock and general spectating areas.
No track access will be provided whatsoever.



Individuals who receive Industry Filming approval must consent to provide MX Sports Pro Racing with footage acquired at the event, should it be requested. Additionally, approved individuals must consent to allow MX Sports Pro Racing the rights to request removal of any video should the organizers deem it necessary, with immediate action.

Please note the following aspects of Industry Filming:

  • Applications must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the first event needed or will otherwise not be acknowledged.
  • The minimum age for Industry Filming access is 18 years old.
  • Industry Filming does not provide a credential nor any sort of comped event access. Individuals are expected to purchase their own admission and access to the event, as needed, and will be provided with the opportunity to apply for a paid Season Credential through MX Sports Pro Racing.
  • Industry Filming does not provide access to the Media Center nor any other area limited to Specialty Credential access. An individual approved for Industry Filming will be permitted access to the paddock and a team's pit area, contingent on the team's approval to provide that individual with said access.
  • All published clips MUST be tagged with an include the following series social media handles:  @ProMotocross | #ProMotocross | #ThisIsMoto
  • Footage use is subject to the Rules of Professional Motocross Competition, which prohibits athletes from engaging in any act or action deemed detrimental to the series and/or the sport of motorcycle racing. Riders are required to adhere to social media publication standards. Please post responsibly.

Any individuals found in direct non-compliance with the policies set forth for Industry Filming will be removed from the premises. Additionally, any affiliated parties involved in the non-compliance, including riders, run the risk of having their credentials revoked.



All Industry Filming applicants must complete the associated application in its entirety, providing MX Sports Pro Racing with all the requested information. All applications must be submitted at least 14 days in advance of the first requested event.

All applications must include a detailed summary of the intent for filming and must answer the following questions:

  • Why are you requesting access to film at the races?
  • How will your videos help bring added awareness to Pro Motocross?

Industry Filming applications will be approved and denied on a case-by-case basis, at the sole discretion of MX Sports Pro Racing. Upon approval, a confirmation email will be sent along with details on how to apply for a paid credential. All denials are final.