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RedBud is the centerpiece of the Pro Motocross Championship. Located just above the Michigan-Indiana state line, RedBud is among the most highly regarded motocross tracks in the world, and every Fourth of July weekend becomes one the region's biggest events, in general. Located in the beautiful rolling hills of southwestern Michigan—a state with an affinity for off-road recreational vehicle use—RedBud has bragging rights to claim the largest attendance of any U.S. motocross race, year after year. With just the right soil mix, plenty of room for passing, and the biggest jump on the circuit - the infamous LaRocco's Leap, named after local legend Mike LaRocco - RedBud is the top motocross destination in a region that loves its motorsports. And the loyal Michigan fans' chants of "Red Buuuuud!!!" are well-known throughout the motocross world.

After Gene and Nancy Ritchie, with the help of some willing partners, built their dream track, RedBud began hosting races in 1973. Its first AMA Motocross National followed in 1974, and it was won by a local motocross star, Hadley, Michigan's Mike Hartwig. The facility also hosted Trans-AMA races each fall, often featuring battles between the world's best rider at the time, Roger DeCoster, and America's best, Bob "Hurricane" Hannah. Within a few years, the original partners moved on and the Ritchie family relocated to Michigan to become full-time motocross promoters.

Over the years, RedBud has fostered numerous motocross stars, most notably Mark "The Bomber" Barnett from nearby Bridgeview, Illinois, Michigan's five-time Women's National Champ Lisa (Akin) Wagner, six-time AMA MX and SX Champ Jeff Stanton, and of course, "The Rock" Mike LaRocco.

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