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Washougal MX Park

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Of all the tracks on the Pro Motocross Championship schedule, the one that would likely get the award as "Most Instagrammable" is probably Washougal MX Park. Tucked away within a forest of evergreen trees, the surroundings of this track emit pure beauty. The road into the venue hugs the Washougal River, where a canopy of conifers helps guide your journey, and as you pull in, a vast sea of green greets you.

The track itself is just as scenic as it carves in and out of the trees, sending riders straight up Horsepower Hill and eventually traversing them back down into the heart of the fans that line the fences. As the lone National in the Pacific Northwest, this event has become a mid-summer tradition for the sport. It's the longest running professional motorsports event in the region, running all but one year dating back to 1980, and thanks to the aforementioned allure of the track, a journey to Washougal has become a pilgrimage for any motocross fan.

The lush atmosphere of Washougal MX Park serves as an offset to the track surface, which looks deep and loamy with its rich brown color. However, it is deceptively slick, and it makes this one of the most demanding tracks on the entire schedule. Precision, throttle control, and patience are the keys to success at Washougal, and the navigating through the shadows of the evergreens that surround it provide an added challenge. A win here is as rewarding as they come, and it's why this continues to be one of the sport's most storied events.

Visit Washougal MX Park