Crawfordsville, IN

Ironman Raceway

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Ironman Raceway sits in the shadow of the motorsports mecca of Indianapolis. And while the big city is just a short drive down the highway, you’ll find yourself in the middle of small-town America in Crawfordsville. The late summer date produces porch weather, and that draws all the locals who marvel at the professional cavalcade that has rolled into their town. You get a sense that this event offers up everything you want in a big-time motocross race, except one thing. The land surrounding the track is flat. Where are the hills? Where’s the elevation change? Can this possibly work?

As you walk toward the track, the landscape suddenly shifts. The ground opens up, drops down, and practically swallows the race track whole. A true natural phenomenon, Ironman Raceway doesn’t just offer up elevation change, it offers up some of the biggest, steepest combinations of jumps and hills in the entire series, including Godzilla, a massive uphill jump.

The setting is a hidden gem, and the dirt, the obstacles, and the sight lines combine to make an ideal venue. Add in those hills, and you’ve got pure motocross. By the end of the day that deep soil grows rough and rutted, and only those wise in old-school motocross techniques, like standing up, changing lines, and riding smarter, not harder, will succeed. It's a fitting place to host arguably the most important race of the season, where champions are crowned. Indiana is said to be the crossroads of America, and Ironman Raceway is the perfect crossroads to determine who will walk away with motocross' most prestigious titles each year.

Visit Ironman Raceway