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Perhaps no track in American motocross speaks more loudly in the record books and the annals of history as Unadilla. That's because the sprawling natural terrain of this valley landscape first began hosting huge international events during the formative days of the sport here in United States in the late 1960's. Back then, Europeans dominated motocross while American riders were still learning the ropes, and Unadilla provided a venue for the growing fanbase to see the world's best in action.

In the half century since then, not much has changed. Sure, the riders are now considered to be some of the fittest athletes in the planet, and the bikes have evolved into priceless, high-performance race machines, but Unadilla has remained an iconic symbol of the sport's history, and continues to serve as a legendary home for the modern era of this spectacle. Every significant rider in the history of American motocross has challenged Unadilla during its decades of existence, and that is a truly special distinction that shows the unparalleled legacy of this venue.

Two generations of the Robinson family have nurtured Unadilla, and its European style layout that takes full advantage of the undulating natural terrain provided by Mother Nature continues to thrill riders and bring fans to their feet. This is old school motocross with a modern twist, and everyone that makes the trip to Central New York for the National, whether as competitors or as fans, is handsomely rewarded with high speed, big air, and pure motocross Americana.

Visit Unadilla MX