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There might not be a better place to see the grandeur of the sport of motocross on full display than Greene County’s High Point Raceway. This track weaves its way around a deep valley, treating the riders to constant elevation changes. From the slippery off-camber corners to the high-speed runs to and from the valley floor, no section of this track is completely flat, which makes it a true challenge and fun to ride. However, what makes it tough for the athletes is also what makes it great for the spectators, as several vantage points atop the valley offer full views of the track below. Further, High Point’s jumps were engineered to sit right in front of the main spectator areas, letting fans get close while they watch the riders go big. Some call it moto theater—and it’s a show filled with ups and downs, twists and turns.

Where did it all start? In the fall of 1976 brothers Jack and Carroll Holbert invited off-road pioneer Dave Coombs Sr. out to their family farm in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania, to see if he wanted to build a motocross track there. High Point Raceway was founded shortly thereafter with the help in design by the visiting Maico factory team from Europe. Since then, High Point has been among the pillars of American motocross, hosting a round of the AMA Po Motocross Championship every year since 1977, and countless off-road, regional and local motocross events.

Visit High Point Raceway

High Point Raceway
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